A new homely look for the kennels

30 June 2013

Maybe the first thing you think of when you hear the word kennel is a dark sterile room with metal bars and little space. Think again!!!! Here at Animal Country Club, we do everything to steer away from this perception. In the last few weeks we have added a few aesthetic additions to make the place feel more like a homely hotel for your pampered pooches. You will be amazed when you see the accomodation these lucky dogs get to stay in while their owners are away.

New frosted glass with dog silhouettes on the doors leading to the front of the kennels.

New frosted glass with dog silhouettes has been added to the doors leading to the front of the kennels.

When a dog comes to stay with us they will have their own room number. Under the number a member of staff will write the dogs name and any important information that all staff will need to know. There is also a handy hook underneath to hang their lead. This gives a lovely 'hotel' like feeling.

So what is it that really makes the kennels look homely and relaxing? ... Well it's the long, draped curtains of course! They hang at every window and match in perfectly with the Animal Country Club colours.

We hope you like the changes that have been made so far. We are always looking for ways to improve the kennels and cattery so all ideas and suggestions are gratefully welcomed. x